View Full Version : Vintage Cruiser 19ERD Woody

09-13-2017, 05:25 PM
Hi! We bought the VintageCruiser 19ERD with the "woody" pkg. taken it out 3 times and I am definitely in need of guidance when it comes to storage. We had a 10' (13' to tongue) 1972 Shasta Compact that had more accessible storage. Yes the 19' has more total storage but it's under the bed, under the benches and outside. Can't figure a way to make the cabinet above sink efficient. Wish there was a closet.. we did put a tension rod in shower. We velcroed cargo nets by the door for shoes, flashlights and bug spray. The "shirt closets" near the bed are awkward.. hard to see inside. I added an 8' wide canvas shoe rack to keep clothes more available.
Wish the full storage under the bench was a drawer that pulled out so that I had a good place for reaching my pots and pans and cooking equipments.
Also would love to know what people added to bathroom for additional storage.. so much wall space in there.
Any great ideas or hacks would be appreciated! We get lots of amazing feedback when people look inside. It's got a nice feeling. I personally hate the faux wood paneling outside.. would love to switch it to the red stripe but I figure that would be $$$.
Thanks for letting me babble on!