View Full Version : 2006 BT Cruiser 5291

04-14-2018, 06:03 PM
We are having an issue with a leak on the slide with the dining set behind the passengers seat. We bought it used in 2015 and have had trouble with it leaking since buying. We feel we were taken advantage of by the dealership that sold it to us, as they could tell we didnít really ďknow our stuff.Ē We were too trusting for sure. Anyway, several RV shops have looked at it and canít find where the leak is coming from in this slide. We only have 14000 miles total on it and it is in GREAT shape otherwise. We want to sell it but afraid that this leak will cause us not to be able to get rid of it. We love it and the only reason we want to sell is because we bought a truck and now want a camper we can pull. Has anyone else had this issue with leaks on this model? This is the 30 ft with three slides. All leather seats, corian counter tops, ducted air, queen bed, big closet, convection oven/microwave combo and much more. Itís the deluxe upgraded version in this model. We were asking 31,500 which is under value according to NADA with the low mileage and the style. Does this sound like a fair price even with this leak? There are no mechanical issues with the motor and it is in very good condition. Thanks for any input.