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jerryscott 08-12-2016 10:18 AM

Front Main Headlights Fogged
I have a 1995 Scenic Cruiser and luckily I have not had to drive much at night on unlit roads ..... yet.
It does have the two lower mounted driving lights that does allow me to get enough light to get by but I'd LIKE to also use my main headlights.
The outer glass cover is very very fogged.
I have used the buffer pads on the outside multiple times with NO improvement because the fogged part is on the INSIDE of the lens cover. (these are the large rectangular lights with the amber turn light on the outside wrap around)
I have laid under the front and examined how to remove these lights multiple times and NOTHING seems to work.
I ASSUME that the headlights were not placed on some bracket then the entire coach formed around them but I'm starting to wonder.
If I could get them removed and cannot get the front lens cover removed to polish and seal the inside then I'm open to even putting in some different lights, but getting the original ones removed is the first step before I can do anything.
In the coming year I plan to use the RV much more than I have since I purchased it about 8 years ago and am addressing problems that I've discovered so far. THE NEXT IS STEERING BOX SLACK! :!:

Frutza 09-29-2016 07:36 AM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
On the outer edge of the head light is a part number, do an Internet search, mine are the same as a Taurus. There also is not a mounting bracket, I believe they were just screwed in from the back side.
Is it the steering box? Lots of steering links, have some one rock the wheel back and forth, about a half turn while you look for play. There is a steering box adjustment, there's a locknut with a screw that you would turn in.

jerryscott 09-29-2016 07:53 AM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
I have one headlight 'partially' out but will do the part number search and see what I find. I have everything taken off the back as far as I can see and it still won't come out. I'll just keep working on it.
As far as the steering box, I took the box out and sent it to and he rebuilt it totally, set everything to Saginaw's specs and returned it to me in less than a week and I cannot say enough good things about how well they treated me. if THAT did not fix my steering problems I KNOW now that it IS NOT THE GEARBOX!

richardscatzhouse 10-05-2016 02:46 PM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
Many places exist that do Light renewal/polishing, I had mine done two yrs ago and it's about time to do again. the local car wash has an auto detailer with a sign for light cleaning perhaps I'll try him, last time A guy was camped at Jiffy Lube did it.
Two years for $30 seems fair.

Good Luck

jerryscott 10-06-2016 07:27 AM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
Richard, the ONLY thing that polishing does is the OUTSIDE of the headlight.
MINE is on the INSIDE of the glass. You can polish the outside until the cows come home and it will have absolutely no impact on the cloudy inside.
Before it finally dawned on me that polishing the outside wasn't the problem I bought several kits that I'm sure were decent but didn't do one bit of good.
I FINALLY got the light out by breaking the white plastic mounting brackets. Then I actually removed the FRONT glass lens and used paint thinner to wipe down the inside and it actually looks clear now, BUT, I really don't want to go through the hassle of putting this light back in so I'm looking at either buying a new one or replacing it with a simple round headlight. I can mount a new light in the enclosure as long as the mounting locations are visible to the outside.
I used the other suggestion of looking up the number on the glass to see what it is but, that didn't resolve to one light, it gives a BUNCH of options and all German. If this is what German engineering is I really don't care for it. The mounting hardware is NOT clear to how to remove not is the screw head is NOT anything I have (and I have about every option there is). It's not a Phillips, 'maybe' a type of Phillips what doesn't have a point, just flat on the end which is very close to a Torx but that doesn't line up either.

Dennis4809 10-16-2016 11:30 PM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
I just sent an email to Gulf Stream asking for the headlight source vehicle. They answered in a day or so. Mine are from a 2000-2004 Mercedes M class.

jerryscott 10-17-2016 08:02 AM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
Dennis, yours is 'probably' new enough to have more info on BUT, to be honest, I emailed GulfStream multiple times and I PROBABLY DIDN'T EXACTLY ASK THE CORRECT QUESTION which is my fault.
But, I did NOT want to put back the original light, I think mine is either Audi or Jetta, but I just looked for a rectangular light that was slightly smaller than my present light that I could access the mounting from the gap around the light and the closest I could find was a Jetta light but a newer version.
I 'think' I'm going to make a simple bracket to mount it to, basically it's just 2 heavy screws but that's going to be the project for this week.
I sat the light in the opening and I can basically reach the mounting hardware. The bracket that came with the light is just enough larger that it doesn't want to get into the opening hole, but I really think I can get mounting brackets into the hole and mount the light to THAT hardware. We'll just see.
The light itself really looked nice sitting in the opening, but, any nice shiny NEW clear glass headlight would have looked fine in there I think rather than one that looked like it had been painted with while paint on the inside. :)

jerryscott 05-03-2017 07:37 AM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
I FINALLY just got 2 aftermarket rectangular headlights. Made a mounting bracket and mounted that inside the opening and put in the new headlamps and they work GREAT. I think they are the replacements for the freightliner front rectangular light they have. Anyway they are 4"X6" rectangular and actually look every bit as nice as the originals and cost FAR less ($40 vs $200).
Now on to the rest. I've replaced ALL the furniture up front and have changed the mattress to a Sleep Number in the rear. I've updated the shower a little and new higher toilet. Getting awfully close to taking it out on the road :D

RayChez1 05-05-2017 09:14 PM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
My Scenic Cruiser has small round headlights. They are Helo 8 and were used on Audi automobiles. Anyway I had one of the bulbs burn out and I found the Helo 8 bulb at Auto Zone for eight dollars.

jerryscott 05-08-2017 10:35 AM

Re: Front Main Headlights Fogged
Ray, you have a 7 years newer model than I have so that must be where the change happened. I actually was 'almost' ready to put in a round one but the opening height was about 6 in. and all I found was 7 in round so I just went with the 4X6 but, it's ALL good what ever you have if you can see at night!!! Thanks.

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