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kopstein 03-27-2012 12:49 PM

Routing 12v to antenna outlet connection 21MB
Hi, I recently purchased a 21MB and learned it came with an non-amplified outside antenna. I am about to replace the winegard head unit with an amplified head unit. However, I learned that in order for the amplified version to work you need to feed 12v via the RG59 cable using a winegard controller. My question is a couple fold. First, is there an easy way to get 12v up to the antenna connection above the refrigerator? How? And it would seem that I need to feed the roof RV antenna directly from the winegard sensar controller (sensar pro). My second question is can I get to where the cable antenna feed and the rv outside antenna cable come together? Reason being is that I think two cables need to come out of the ceiling for connection of my Directv satellite receiver and from the RV outside antenna. Then the winegard sensar pro device would feed directly to the new amplified RV antenna, and there would be a second TV connection in the ceiling for the cable/satellite connection on the side of the 21MB. Is all this feasible on the 21MB version that I have? I think I can route 12v easily from the microwave fan/light unless there is an easier way. I am stuck on how to handle the cable/satellite connection and the RV outside antenna cabling. Any ideas?

Thanks, Jerry

kopstein 03-30-2012 12:57 PM

Re: Routing 12v to antenna outlet connection 21MB
Ok I see that a bunch have reviewed but no suggestions. So onward I have gone. I will post a photo soon to show what I learned. This is for a 21MB. I first removed the microwave, and found that 12 volt wiring is routed right above the microwave. So one can easily tap into those 12 volt light wires to power the Winegard Sensarpro antenna amplifier. Then the next task was to feed the 12 volts up to the ceiling and over to where the current antenna outlet is located. I drilled a hole in the ceiling paneling on the left side about 8-inches back from the front opening. There is one roof support just inches to the left of where this hole was cut. I found that there are a whole lot of wires routed along that one roof support beam! So be very careful in cutting the hole in the ceiling and in the wood roof beam. One could easily just tap the 12-volt wires which are routed in the ceiling at this point if they choose. I drilled a hole in the roof beam to route the 12volt wires to where the Winegard Sensarpro amplifier would mount in the roof above your refrigerator. After checking the TV cable in the ceiling I found that it will work for the Winegard amplifier and will also work for a Satellite feed from the outside antenna-in port. Only problem I found was that you can not just run the satellite incoming line thru the Winegard Sensarpro amplifier. It distorts the signal too much. So I am using a spitter on the incoming coax feed to one output goes to the Winegard and the other will route directly to a coaxial connection on the ceiling for input to my satellite receiver. I replaced the one coaxial connector plate on the ceiling with a two connector plate which are available at most stores. One now is for connection to your TV for connection to the RV mounted antenna. The other can be used for satellite feed to your satellite receiver. When I get all the wires back and coaxial cables connected I will take a couple photos and post for viewing!! :D

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