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Tigerdawn 09-03-2017 03:16 PM

2006 interior measurements?
Greetings! I'm about to get a 2006 Cavalier 28' from a friend. I've read all about the leakage issues and while they haven't reported any leaks, I plan to gut the whole thing anyway since the damage seems to hide so well.

I'm not getting the trailer until later in the month and I was only inside once about two years ago. But I would like to plan my project in the meantime. I have searched all over and cannot find any interior measurements for this trailer. Can someone please help?

My trailer has had everything removed except the bathroom and kitchenette. No bedroom wall or anything. So all I really need is the interior length and width. If someone feels dedicated, I'd love to know where the current plumbing holes and stuff are, but I can wait and do that stuff later. I don't plan to change the locations of the toilet or anything.


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