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Originally Posted by gsadmin
Originally Posted by treecounter
I'll bet you guys think all we do is work on our rig..... your right. We will continue to "modify" it until it is truly ours. When on a trip to Craters of the Moon last summer we needed to run our generator to have air conditioning. The exhaust came in the coach and into the next camp site. So we suffered in the heat. Looking at the system I measured the exhaust pipe and found it to be inch and a quarter. Went to HD and got ten ft. of inch and a quarter steel conduit and three unions and a 90 degree bend. About $25. Used a piece of corner brace mounted on the CB antenna and a strap to the conduit. Hooked it up and the exhaust goes up above the coach with most of the noise. Better than $135 CW wants for their PVC system. Cut the 10 ft. piece in half for easy storage. We bought a inch and a quarter PVC ninety and tried it first. It melted.
Be careful with that "solution". I am not an expert, but i know that most engines require a certain amount of back pressure, or in this case lack thereof. The exhaust extensions i have seen actually do not connect directly to the pipe but have a small gap to allows some of the pressure to release. All I am saying is that the extension of the exhaust pipe may make the engine not run to spec.
I agree with you. So I cut the pipe off and attached a three inch by eight foot piece of plastic pipe. The inch and a half runs into the three inch about a foot. The exhaust pulls cold air in at the bottom and cools the PVC. I saw the ones at CW and that was the way they are. Thanks for the constructive criticism.
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