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Originally Posted by coolchas11
While we didn't have to access the engine, we did need to work on the bed mechanism. That white cover is heavy! In lieu of a 2x4 we used the step ladder. Here's an interesting item. The rig is at Long View to repair the bed gears and when they extended the slides to work on the system one of the slide topper springs broke. So had we been on the road maybe the slide would not have retracted for us. Well, better them than us! Charlie PS. We're pondering the future......every trip so far has had a debilitating problem such as hydraulic, bed/slides, inverter. What's next?
I have found with any RV we have owned, be it GS or SOB(Some Other Brand), The first year was the roughest getting all the bugs out that were either built in by the coach manufacturer or one of their suppliers. After that it was smooth sailing, well at least a lot fewer rough waves.

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