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Hey Carol, it sounds like you & Chuck are having a bad day (or several).

The convection oven does take some getting used to... You've got to follow the directions (cookpot on the grate, preheat, whatever else, & it will work reasonably depending what you are preparing. I've had better luck by preheating using the microwave, then using convection to finish.

Sounds like you were plugged into a 30 amp service & the voltage was low from the campground. Not a lot can be done under those conditions. Set your AC fan to on (as opposed to "auto") so that the fan continues to run. That will prevent amp surges while trying to microwave. Another trick would be to turn the thermostate to much colder than you want to prevent cycling of the compressor.

You can switch over to the other AC unit while cooking . The bedroom unit is a bit smaller capacity, slightly less amp draw. Start your engine & use that AC unit while cooking. Or, start your generator which will provide enough power for both AC's & the microwave.

One more idea. If you have a 50amp coach and need to adapt to a 30 amp campground supply, Camper's Barn (?) sells an electrical box that can be simultaneously plugged into the campground 30amp service and the 15amp "duplex" outlet that is almost always available. It is safe to do & will provide 30 amps on 1 leg of your MH & 15 on the other. Experiment to make sure the AC unit you use (front or back) is on the opposite leg as the microwave. This only works for your 50 amp coach.

You need to buy the special box or build your own if you're comfortable with that.

Did you check to see if there were 2 cable connectors in the "power compartment"? It would be awefully easy to plug the cable into the "auxiliary output" connector rather than the cable input connector. GS has chosen to NOT label them, so it's an easy mistake.

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