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Default Re: Just bought our first coach 2000 scenic cruiser

There could also be issues with those rocker switches. If they are not used over time, they tend to get internal corroding. This happens to the Air Horn rocker switch, an dother siwtches. (I find the rocker switches just inside the entry door-often don't work correclty...kind of iffy..if that makes sense.)

Old trick I learned from a 2 way radio technician. Swtiches and get greasy or "crudded" up inside them. Those dash switches, its good to work them often. Just swtich them on and off..back and forth..etc. The ones inside our door, I work them as much as I can. The trick also is to make sure the power is on to them. I would try pushing on the Horn ring switch (on the streering wheel) WHILE moving or working the switch. The power flow will push "thru" and make the switch clean some. It works...
if this makes sense....push the steering wheel trigger (bar) and then work the rocker swtich. It can often clean it out and work better.

That being said, I am having problems with the switch bar on the steering wheel, tripping while I drive. Its just great drive up to somebody, turn the wheel, and the air horns blast! Not user friendly..get dirty looks..I have to get down in there, take wheel off and get to that switch..I am sure the gap or tolerances are too close causing it to trip...

Ray A. Harkness
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