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To me it sounds like your Converter is not operating or is operating but the current is not getting to the batteries.

Check the circuit breakers from converter. They will most likely be attached to the firewall. Mine have three breakers that have a bar-type thing that flips 90 degrees. There will be large 4-6 guage wires to these breakers. If those are not tripped and the connections from them to the battery look good. Also, if you have a voltmeter, plug the coach in, wait 60 seconds, then set it to DC and put one probe on the output from the converter and one to should be seeing 13V+. If not, there is something either wrong with the converter, the connections or the circuit breaker(s).

The other possibility is a grounding issue to the Chassis...see my posts for a description of an issue i resolved recently with the ground on my coach.
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