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Default Re: batteries not charging

Originally Posted by EHILL
we are also new to the forum but we could use some help this is our first long trip and we have had a number of problems but the big one facing us now is the house barreries will not charge from shore or genrator the only way we can get them up is by running engine we called G/S they said to put slow charge we did and notthing happen we are in virginia and no where near dealer does anyone have a suggestion
Do you have an Xantrex Inverter/charger located in the compartment where you power cord is stored? If so there is a circuit breaker located on the front of it. Push it in to reset if tripped.

If you do have an Xantrex Inverter, check the remote panel located inside the coach to see if it is lit up. It should tell you what the DC voltage is coming off the inverter. If it is not showing any or very low, below 12 volts, then there is a problem with the charging side of the Inverter. On the right side of the Xantrex remote panel you will see a column of lights for the power share, using the push button on the bottom, set it to 50amp if not already lit.

I will try to get a link to post here for the Xantrex to show how it is wired directly to the batteries to charge them.

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