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Default detergent

I would try putting some good detergent in the tanks and driving the unit. Try you best to get the water detergent to splash on the flush outlets. I am not sure they are even "nozzles" but think they are just water lines. I can actually see the ends of my flush line on the right side in one of the compartments but I have never fooled with them. They don't sound like a heavy spray just a flow of water. I use a clear sewer adapter and watch the drainage until I am satisfied. I think a lot of folks spend a lot too much time trying to clean the tanks. I do an deep cleaning before I put the coach away for winter. On the Black tank. When you are getting ready to leave a full hookup start the tank flush first thing. Let it run while you are doing the rest of your tear down. Then i close the drain and let the flush run for a couple minutes and then drain.

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