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Default Solar Generator

We have a 04 Cruiser that I would like to add a solar generator to supplement our existing generator. Any recommendations?
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Do you already have an Inverter?

A solar generator is more or less a prebuilt box with an Inverter and Battery, which are charged by the solar power...really nothing more than many RVs already have, if you simply add a solar panel, or two, or four, to charge your batteries.

Some folks with very small truck campers, van campers, etc., like the idea of a small package of 'solar power', but most RVs are already loaded with most of the things you need, and already have the battery bank to support it. If you don't yet have an inverter, they are plentiful and can easily be found at w*mt and any auto parts store, where they simply attach to your batteries, or plug into a 12v outlet powered by your batteries - many of them can support 1000w of power, or more, which is plenty to do most anything other than run the air conditioners, which will always require the generator, when you are off-grid.
Solar panels are easy to add - there are simple package deals with two 100w panels, controller, wires... and you just attach the wires to your battery bank. Some set the panels outside on the ground, tilted toward the sun, while others mount them on the roof, for travel.
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Originally Posted by mrcee237 View Post
We have a 04 Cruiser that I would like to add a solar generator to supplement our existing generator. Any recommendations?
I installed two 100 W panels on roof. Purchased on Amazon- Renogy is brand. Comes with controller and parts to install. I had to buy extra cable. The secret to install on roof is using well nuts to mount panels. The roof is thin fiberglass (or some such material). Using the brackets in the kit with appropriate length bolts and well nuts my installation was very strong, and has held up against high winds while driving etc. I also got an fitting designed for making entry of the cables thru the roof which seals the wires from water, etc. Got from Amazon.
I mounted control panel at the power distribution panel where I could snake wires from the closet above and attach directly to the cables going to the batteries. I settled for some lack of solar efficiency by mounting on roof. Did not want to haul around panels to put outside. Decided if I did not have enough solar I could mount a third panel. Most all our camping is in campgrounds without services. Where I used to run the generator much after 3 to 4 days to recharge ( I only use lights, water pump, etc, not TV's, coffee makers, hair dryers etc) or rarely use the generator only for using heavy appliances. I switched all lights to LED's as well for amp reduction.
Good Luck.
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Default Add panels

I have 500 watts of solar on my BT cruiser two 6 volts a magnium inverter charger Bogart solar charger and meter. I can run everything less AC my batteries never fall below 70% we are 100% charged by 2 pm we camp anywhere
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