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Default Supernova Yellow Headlights

If the headlights on your Supernova have turned yellow you may want to try this before replacing them.

I was at my local gas station and some people were selling the FW1 Wash and Wax aerosol spray. It looked like an interesting product and a portion of each can sold goes to the fight against cancer. Because of this I purchased four cans figuring I could use it to clean my motorcycles. When I got home I tried it on a couple of my bikes and in my opinion the stuff was worthless so it got pushed the back shelf in my shop.

A couple of weeks later I was out working on my Supernova and a friend stopped by to say hello. I was working near the front of the RV so he happened to notice my headlights were very yellow. I said yes, and then told him I needed to order some new ones as these were so yellow the lights were terrible at night. He then ran to his car, pulled out a can of the FW1 and asked if I had used this stuff before. I said yes and that I had very poor results. He said watch this as he sprayed each of the headlights. He then rubbed the stuff in with a rag and then buffed it off with a shammy, per the directions on the can. When he was done my jaw dropped. Both of the headlights were clear as the day they were put on the truck and it took all of about 2 min to do.

I have since used the FW1 on some of my other vehicles that have yellowed head lights as well as some of my friends headlights. Each time I use it I am impressed on how clear it makes the headlights. So before you purchase new headlights for your Supernova, maybe give FW1 a try.
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Good to hear the nice result. Never heard of this FW1 before. Gonna check out on Google where I can get a couple of them.
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