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Default Replacing Water Pump

I am looking for some suggestions on replacing a water on a Vintage Cruiser 2019 19-RBS. The water pump is very noisy. In talking with Gulf Stream, it was recommended to install insulation around the water pipes and to replace the Flojet (model 0352614) with SHURFlo 4008. The insulation didnít improve the situation so I bought the SHURFlo pump.

The space in the compartment under the sink is very tight. I was able to remove the Flojet and started to install the SHURFlo when I realized that the new pump is slightly large than the Flojet. The holes for the screws donít line up nor does one of the water connections. I was able to add a hose connector so the only issue is putting in the new screws. I put all four screws into the rubber bracket on the SHURFlo and set into place in the compartment where I can easily unscrew it in the future. The screws only penetrate about a 1/4 inch! I took my drill put it didnít make a dent. The flooring must be made of a stronger material. Any suggestions on how to make new holes in the flooring for the water pump?
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Very small (1/16) drill bit to make a pilot hole, then a little larger one to make the hole for the screw using the pilot hole as a guide, and screw it down. The very small screw will have an easier time punching it's way through the flooring, and once that pilot hole is there it will be easier to make it bigger.

To really make it quiet, don't just mount it on the floor. Put a piece of carpet under it and put the screws down through that. (There's a good chance that would have worked to quiet down the old pump too.)

BTW - the pumps aren't silent, regardless of brand or quality. They just aren't. They're peristaltic pumps (a lever presses against a bladder - in/out, in/out - like the heart), and that causes them to vibrate. Getting them a little quieter is good though.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I actually finished the installation of the ShurFlo 4008 pump today. I decided to use a 12" X 20.5 " plywood (3/4") as a base and fastened it to the framing wood. I put felt on the bottom of the plywood and inserted a 4"X6" rubber gasket under the pump. Installed the ShurFlo pump on the wood, added silencing kit, added snap connectors to the power, and now have a whisper quiet pump. It can also run when the tank is dry!
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re: running dry: While a short period will cause no harm, I am sure running too long will get things very hot and cause damage; water is cooling, AND pump literature also says NOT designed for continuous duty wet. (Suspect motor overheat?) (additional thought) if you tested dry, re: noise, it maybe louder w/ water, e.g. piping pulses from water pressure, you may still need to find/ secure any loose piping that is banging/ vibrating on wood that does not show up (dry/ no pressure)?
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