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Johnny Boy
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Default 07 crescendo black mold in bedroom closets

I have a 2007 crescendo and the mirrored closets in the rear bedroom have black stains on the roof and inside the closets lights? Is this mold? is there a seam in the roof right there that is prone to leaking?
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Chuck v
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Default Re: 07 crescendo black mold in bedroom closets

Johnny Boy,

I don't know what the differences may be between my 2007 Tour Master and your same year Crescendo, but mold or a black stain on the ceiling panel is not a good thing. Good ventilation is essential for any coach to avoid mold, but the real risk is an actual leak.

I had a small drip that came out my ceiling light that at first was thought to be condensation but was traced to a failure in calking on the roof itself and water finding a direct path in. Renewing the sealant/calking was the remedy.

The roof sealants used around the skylights, fan/vent openings, plumbing vents, satellite dish, and any other roof penetration only last so long and need to be inspected and redone regularly as needed. Your coach is a decade old, and if it has never been garaged nor resealed it is long overdue. Perhaps you can inspect it your self easily since it is in an area that can be viewed readily from the rear ladder and doesn't necessarily need you to get up onto the roof itself. While you may not find the offending leak, you can see how the sealants are aging/performing and take appropriate action.

Since my own leak was believed to have been very short term I did not see any staining, but was concerned about retained moisture and mold occurring in the insulated space between the structural roof and the ceiling of the coach. My solution/insurance against this was as follows:
1. take down the fluorescent fixtures along the mid line of the ceiling in the walk-in closet, the bedroom and the hall.
2. inspect for any trapped moisture in the foam backing of the ceiling vinyl and/or above the thin plywood into the rigid foam insulation.
3. add a small DC "biscuit" fan at the wire access hole of two of the light fixtures and sandwich them in place by remounting the fixtures. The fixture now sits about one and a half inches off the surface of the ceiling, but you cannot see the fan back at the center of the fixture...

These small fans only move a few CFM of air per minute and are very quiet, so I let them run anytime the lights are on. This ensured that any trapped moisture in the ceiling area was vented/expelled into the living space where normal heating & ventilating would properly dissipate it. I had planned to have these two fans in place just for a few weeks after I found and fixed the leak -- but I have not gotten around to removing them yet and I see no harm in leaving them there for the time being. It has been several months.

Sorry for the long post -- hope it helps.

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Johnny Boy
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Default Re: 07 crescendo black mold in bedroom closets

Thank you for replying we are having the roof resealed
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Default Re: 07 crescendo black mold in bedroom closets

You got to be very careful if it is mold. Those spores will get in your lungs and can really cause problems.

Now as to where can the water leak be coming from. Well water is like electricity and will take the course of least resistance. The water leak could be coming from caulking that has cracked somewhere on the roof or it could also be coming from the air conditioner seals. Most RVers neglect the tightening of the four bolts on the air conditioners and water can get through there and into the ceiling.

We had a leak once on a wall of a stick house from a pin hole on copper tubing, and the insurance company sent some people that specialize on mold to isolate the area and they a machine that sprayed the two by fours with something for several days. We had to move out of the house while this was done. So be very careful with what you are seeing on your closet if it is mold and call somebody that specializes on that.

Good luck!
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This does not sound like yours, but I thought I would mention it. I am not sure how to tell the difference between the soot and mold. I have no moisture, and I know how the soot gets in there, so I am not concerned that it is mold.

I have an 04 crescendo DP and the rear wall was not properly sealed so soot from the road makes its way to the upper rear corners of the back cap and into the intersection of the rear wall, side wall, and roof. The result is soot that essentially grows from the upper rear corners of the bedroom. The soot can travel along the intersection of the roof and walls and come out a bit later than the corner if there is a better exit for it.
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Sealant and water leaks as mentioned so far, seems the issue no matter what kind of RV one has and it doesn't seem to be effective long term no mater the class of the rig (except perhaps Airstream...anyone have one to comment on leaks?). We just sold an Amerilite 21MBLE that was in sad shape due to water leaks from roof and corner seam leaks. Pointed all this out to the buyer, everywhere the floor or roof was soft so he knew going in he was going to put 'sweat equity' into this one. Happy to get it for the 1/3rd of value of one NOT rotting away. The next new one we buy, I'm going over every seam with "Eternabond" seam tape and Dicor lap sealant around anything and everything going through the roof or walls (pipes, vents, antennas, windows, doors, etc) within the first month of owning it.
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All reply’s had great info/ways to tackle issue, so I will just share for future prevention. We use dollar store dry camp crystals that absorb excess moisture. It comes in many forms, for closet they have a hanging bag.
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