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Default Unknown 120v cord in bay

I was doing some tinkering as I make fixes and upgrades to the new toy this weekend and noticed something I had missed before. In the shore cable bay there is a 120v socket which I saw before but there is also a cord with a normal 3 prong plug on it dangling in the back of the bay that someone had wrapped masking tape around. Would I assume this may be a block heater and the outlet I noticed is where you'd plug it in?

Almost forgot... this is in my 2008 TM T40c.
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Chuck v
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Yes that sounds like the block heater outlet and cord on my 2007. Since the block heater has a separate 120 volt breaker under the refrigerator where all my 120 breakers are located -- it would seem a simple matter to plug a small nightlight or similar into the outlet and turn the breaker on and off to verify that it is indeed that circuit.

I leave my block heater unplugged most of the time, since I also use this outlet in that bay to connect to my float charger which I added to my coach and is located directly opposite on the curb side that provides maintenance for my engine start batteries when parked in my space for long periods...

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