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Default Bathroom lavatory sink: is it going to grey or dark tank?

The owner manual I have (not sure I have the appropriate one) says that the bathroom sink MAY drain in the black water tank.

Other than starting with empty GREY and BLACK tanks, and letting the faucet run for a while to find out which tank if filling up, is there another way to find where that sink drains?
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unless there is some sort of overflow bypass.. all the trailers I've ever owned or seen it will go to the grey tank but not familliar with your model specifically. I would think this would be a standard practice.
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The bathroom sink on my 5211 drains to the black tank. Try this... With the water pump OFF, hold the flush valve of the toilet open and pour a pitcher of water down the sink. If it drains into the black tank, you should/may be able to hear it, especially if your toilet is directly over your black tank like mine is. Good luck.
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Yes, try Larry's idea.
But don't be surprised if the bath sink and toilet share the black tank. These manufacturers study costs down to the dime per unit manufactured and if it saved a buck in the process, you can be sure they cut the corner to do that, especially in long rigs like fifth wheelers with the bath at one end and the kitchen at the other.
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I do (still) need to test mine also, but strongly suspect bath sink goes to the BLACK tank, as Black filled much too fast w/ a few preschool grand kids; contemplation says not necessarily bad, as books say you want the extra water to keep all liquid/ loose for easy draining. I also noted that (my) bath faucet has a hose connection threads. OTOH, the being FULL (as seen through toilet) really caught us by surprise, with (unnecessary fear of) overflow/ flood on the trip to the dump. NEVER Good to be surprised by a full waste tank
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