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Default Can you walk on the roof of the vintage cruiser?

I've been looking at the floor plans of the vintage cruiser 19rbs and 19erd. I really like the 19rbs, because of the big bathroom on the back, my question is, are the roof walkable? in order to do the maintenance, cleaning, resealing, etc.
Anybody out there who has this models, what you think? Is it good to have a one piece fiber glass compare to rubber roof? less chance for water leak? any way, any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you

Norman Baker.
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We have a vista cruiser 19 BFD and I have been on the roof crawling but I am only 160 lbs with my weight the roof felt solid. This is our third camper with a fiberglass roof and I prefer fiberglass over a rubber roof. Fiberglass roofs are more durable but as with a rubber roof you still need to do maintenance and check sealants around anything protruding through the roof such as vents and AC etc. I would not recommend walking on the roof I would crawl only and if you are over 200 ibs. not sure if crawling would be safe this is my opinion. I would call the manufacturer ask them if the roof will support your weight.
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Thank you for your response, I like to get in the roof to clean it and do all the maintenance. My weight is 175lb, I'll see if they have an option for a ladder, I have a rv tote that would fit perfect if they can put a ladder. Thank you again for the response.
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I have a 19 RGB and walk all over the roof to wash and inspect. I weigh 170 lbs have no problems. I wanted a fiberglass roof for resistance to low scratching branches.
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Scott K.
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Default Roof Strength 19ERD

The manual says to lay a piece of plywood on the roof on the area you need to access in order to distribute weight more evenly. I weigh 200lbs, so the plywood idea sounds logical.
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