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Default Baffled on electrical


Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. While camping I lost some of my lights, over range fan and hot water heater. Checked fuses and they are all intact. All of these appliances are on a single circuit. This circuit is putting out 13volts at the fuse While trouble shooting I found that I have 7 volts going to most of these items and if I load one, that drops at the rest of them. The same circuit has 2 items that are operating normally at 13 volts. Specifically the roof vent fan and light over the table.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The 6 volts that drops upon load tells me that the circuit is broken somewhere. I had that recently and found an in-line fuse near the RV battery that was blown. The burned lead would conduct a small voltage as long as there was no load. Look for any kind of fusesble link, or wired in Auto type fuse in the wiring. Also, a wire that has been severed by a sharp opject, or squeezed somewhere will do the same thing. So look for abrasion or pinching along the wires leading from the circuit. Lastly, a poor ground connection could limit the current flow as well, but the whole panel should use the same ground. Somewhere, likely close, there is a break between the 13v point and the devices that don’t work. Sorry I’m not more help. I’d gladly fix it for you if you were nearby.
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Default All fixed

Thanks for the reply. Forgot to take this down. Spent several hours on this and finally found a splice in the wall that had corroded due to a past water leak. That explained why half the circuit was fine and the other half was not. Pulled the wires, stripped them down and ran them through some cabinets instead. All seems fine. But I did learn a lot about rv wiring.
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