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Default 2008 Super Nova 6362 - Which is which?

Can someone help "un-confuse" me? There are two different advertisements for a 2008 Gulf Stream Super Nova Conquest Endura but the vehicle pictures are completely different. Did Gulf Stream make two different models? Is the "Conquest" the key difference? If so, does it merit a $17k higher price, the Kodiak chassis vs. the International chassis? Do these both have the Duramax engine? Thanks

2008 Gulf Stream Endura 6362: $58k

2008 Gulf Stream Conquest Endura 6362: $75k
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International has 6.0 Navistar / Ford Diesel Engine & the Kodiak has the 6.6 Chevy Diesel
The International used the 4200 Series truck & the other is a Chevy Kodiak Truck Chassis.

I ended up buying & paying more for the Supernova with the International Chassis, they seemed to keep their resale better. Both packages had issues & the Ford 6.0 engine got a bad wrap over the EGR issues. I replaced the EGR & "Bullet proofed" it & have no issues. The Gulf Stream build quality back in 08 was not that bad & our's has held up well ... Check that front Over the cab glass...some leaked in that area. Nexus is still building on the International Chassis.... Good luck
2008 Supernova
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Prior to purchasing my GS Supernova I had a 34' motor-home built on the Kodiak chassis with the 6.6 Duramax and Allison transmission. I can tell you without a doubt the Supernova on the International chassis is much nicer to drive. Power on both vehicles was about the same but the heaver International truck chassis and the 22.5 tires (19.5 on the Kodiak) make it much more stable and comfortable.

In regards to the engine, both the VT365 (AKA 6.0) and the 6.6 Duramax had some issues. However the VT365 seemed to have more than the Duramax. I also put the Bullet Proof Diesel EGR cooler as well as the BPD oil cooler in my Supernova and so far so good. If you search this site for Bullet Proof Diesel oil cooler it should come up.

I have always been under the impression the only Gulf Stream's that were true "Supernovas" were called Supernovas. For example I have a Supernova 6400, it's not a GS Supernova Endura as the the Enduras are Gulf Stream Enduras; but I could be full of sh!t.

If all things are equal in the two RV's I would go with the International chassis over the Kodiak any day.

Good Luck
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