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Default Should I buy one?

Found what seems to be a great deal on a new 2016 Innsbruck. Have some concerns about it though, wanted to hear from real people before I pull the trigger. Searched online for problems and found a bunch of bad reviews, enough to make me question if I should buy. But while looking at other brands I am seeing the same thing, so I'm sure there's always going to be problems and unhappy people. I'm going to look at it, along with some other units this weekend. Already approved for a loan.

One of the main complaints I saw was roof leaks, but gs website describes it as a one piece rubber roof. What should I look for when I inspect it? Also, this is not, as far as I know, at a gulfstream dealer. So how did they end up with a new, leftover? As well as another similar 2016 that they list as used. If it's sold as new I will still get the factory warranty, right? Even though they aren't a gs dealer? I don't even know if its actually a 2016 259bh, when I Google that it shows me an amerilite.
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Default Re: Should I buy one?

Not sure if you pulled the trigger or not but I must have read the same reviews as you. Ive found this pretty consistant across other brands forums aswell so I think most complaints are with travel trailer ingeneral and was is expected out of them. Anyways, we bought our Friendship aka Amerilite new a few months back and the first thing I did was re seal EVERYHING. Used 3 tubes I believe of lapsealant in the roof, 1 tube of silicone on the esterior stuff and resecured up loose drain fitings in the sinks/tub. Just remember water/leaks is the #1 killer of any RV.
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Default Re: Should I buy one?

I'd like to say that all brands have issues such as these, but that's not actually true. However, within the price category that GulfStream RVs fall in (low price) it IS true. There are more expensive units out there that are known for having better quality control and/or better quality components, but you do have to pay for that.

That said, I've noticed with GulfStream in particular, most of the issues are around quality control and not design. Look the unit over carefully, take your time, try everything out, and have anything that's an issue fixed before taking it home.

My Innsbruck had pretty minor issues out the door. A couple loose plumbing fittings and a bad water pump. All else was, and has continued to be, fine.
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Default Re: Should I buy one?

We just bought a 2017 Innsbruck but it comes with a 12 year roof warranty. We haven't had any problems and we just LOVE it.
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Default Re: Should I buy one?

I'm quite happy with mine too and have had no major issues.

That said, the 12 year warranty is on the roof membrane, not the "roof" as a unit, or the things that a roof leak might damage. Leaks almost always occur around roof penetrations (holes cut for roof vents, and the like).
2014 Innsbruck Lite 198BH
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