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Default 2010 Supernova 6400 Pros/Cons Considering Purchase

We are looking at “upgrading” from our current 2012 C to a Super C. We found a 2010 Supernova 6400, but in researching have found some concerns that others have had issues with the engine. Looking for owner comments and experiences, understanding there can be issues with any product. We are looking for input regarding if issues can be reasonably addressed. Many times only complaints and bad experiences are shared looking for good and bad. Thank you in advance.
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Hello - I own a 2010 6400 and love it. Are there better super C RVs? Yes but if you want what the 6400 has to offer you will be paying a lot more money for it. Build quality on the Supernovas can be hit or miss. Some areas on my RV have exceptional detail and quality, other areas I just shake my head and think what the heck.

In regards to the VT365 engine, yes these engines did have some problems. However the good news is the problems are well documented and can be fixed or at least mitigated. See my post regarding "Bullet Proof Diesel Oil Cooler Installation". Also please keep in mind that between the VT365 and the Ford 6.0 there are millions of these engines on the road. Yes some of these engines had issues but a vast majority of them had no issues and are still going down the road. I like to read the school bus forums as these people put thousands of miles on there engines. Upon reading these forums you will quickly realize all modern engines can have problems. Although diehard Cummins people will not admit it, even the Cummins ISB engine has its issues.

The only complaint I have with the VT365 in the 6400 is it can be a little underpowered when climbing long steep grades. In my opinion the 6400 does fine on acceleration, passing and going down the freeway at 65 or 70 (we have low speed limits in OR). Prior to buying my 6400 I drove several Jayco Seneca super Cs's with the Cummins ISB. IMO the Gulfstream 6400 with the vt365 had as much or more acceleration and hill climbing ability as the Seneca of the same size with the Cummins ISB. I also owned 2007 Thor super C built on the Kodiak chassis with the Duramax Diesel prior to purchasing the 6400. Without a doubt I would take the 6400 on the International and the VT365 over the Kodiak and the Duramax. I had no issues with the Duramax, I just enjoy driving the 6400 way better. Power was similar between the two.

In summary do not let the negative talk of the engine scare you. A phew unhappy people are always going to complain more than thousands of happy people. So if you like what the SN 6400 has to offer, have the engine and other running gear inspected prior to purchasing and if it all checks out buy it and start enjoying it.

If you have not already figured it out the stock rear suspension on the 6400 is extremely bad. So if the 6400 you are looking at does not already have an air ride suspension installed you will want to take the cost of air ride into consideration. There is a long discussion on this site regarding installation of air ride on SN; I would check it out

Do you know what slide system it has on the big wall slide? I have seen 2010's with electric gear driven wall slide like on the 07, 08, and 09 years. And I have seen cable on the wall slide, I have the cable system on my 2010.

PM me if you have question. I would also be happy to share my phone number if you want to give me a call and talk.

Good Luck Tim Clay
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