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Default Battery charging problem

Hello All,
Newbie to the forum, thank you in advance for your help as I have found a ton of info on this site already. I have a 2000 Gulf Stream Ultra class C model 6236 on an E 450 chassis. The other day while I was extending my lone slide out, using only the house battery, the slide out motor became stuck in the “on” position, then the slideout extended to its max position and then the motor suddenly stopped as did the ceiling light that was also on, acting almost as if a fuse had blown. I then checked all the fuses at the panel, the fuses under the dash on the drivers side, the fuse box in the engine compartment as well any in-line fuses I could locate and none appear to be blown, however the slide out and ceiling lights still won’t work on house battery alone. In fact nothing is working on the house battery alone except my electric step, and they are brand new, fully charged batteries. When I plug in to the shoreline or use the generator then everything seems to work fine except now the batteries will not charge. I took my multimeter and checked at the converter and have 14.3v output as well as at the lugs on the fuse panel, but when I check it at the battery, I only have 12.6v. But when I have the vehicle engine running it will charge at 13.6v.
So I possibly have two issues:
1. No DC power when on house battery alone after the slide out motor stuck on and suddenly stopped.
2. The batteries will not charge on shoreline/generator even with 14.3v output from converter.
Is there an in line fuse somewhere between the the positive DC lug on the fuse panel and the house battery?
And what other components could I test?
Does anybody have an electrical schematic or wire diagram for this motor home by chance??
Any info would be of huge help!
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Jim Benzie
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First I have no knowledge of your class c, owning a class A so I'll speak in generalities. Most coaches recommend having your engine running when operating the slide. It could be your house batteries were somewhat discharged when you operated the slide, thereby dropping them drastically. If so having the voltage you did at the converter would be normal and the voltage at the house batteries could also be as you indicated. It can take many hours to charge a set of house batteries and you indicated they were relatively new.. To test this start your engine and then try your slide if you desire, at that time if the slide does not work then look for fuses that feed the slide motor/motors. Some have fuses right at the motors. Hope your motor survived but I'm optimistic.
Good luck, Jim Benzie
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Jim - Thanks for the quick response! You must have given me some good luck because after a few more hours of blindness, agonizing searching, I stumbled across the problem. As dumb as this sounds I didn’t realize that the Shortstop circuit breakers next to my battery isolator switch were, well, actual circuit breakers and one of them was tripped. I only found it because I thought it was odd there was one small black tab sticking out further on one circuit breaker than on the other, so I pushed on it out of pure curiosity and frustration, and low and behold everything started working again.
I also discovered the problem with the slide out motor. A relay located at the motor was not working correctly by sticking in the on, or out position. I did an internet search to cross referenc the numbers stamped on the side of the relay and was able to locate one at my local auto parts store. The slide seams to be working fine. So everything is back to normal, for now...
Thanks again
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