View Full Version : 95 Scenic Cruiser LP problem

10-11-2007, 09:22 PM
Anyone know where the voltage comes from that opens the LP (emergency shut-off?) solenoid? Have I missed a switch or maybe it comes from the Battery Control Center (BCC)???
I had to jump 12v from the battery to open the valve for the fridge, water heater and stove ...


12-10-2007, 09:38 PM
Well, we finally have a happy ending to the story... After some research and more than a few phone calls, I have restored the circuit...

Our friends at Gulfstream could only offer the advice to "take it to a service center"..

I found the web-site "allexperts.com" and posted the question in the RV section.. Shawn Wilson answered my question and explained that the solinoid is part of the LP detect circuit and the voltage passes thru it from the Battery Control Center.... Now the task was to locate the LP detector control panel....

It was in plain sight, but not easily seen, down at floor level! LP gas is heavier than air so it settles requiring the detector to be at the lowest point.. Anyway, I removed the panel and found a bad connection on the rear... Wire nuts that were not properly installed, apparently loosened by vibration....12 years and 80k miles worth..
Rewired the 3 connectors and we are "cooking with gas" again...

Thanks to those who read the post and at least gave it a thought !!! Maybe this will help someone else one day !!

Al Owen
Hilliard, Florida