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10-03-2005, 08:02 AM
I tackled something I wasn't sure I could. I changed the oil & oil filter on my Sun Voyager today. I was probably a little intimidated because of the sheer size. Turns out to be an easy task.

Put some blocks of wood under the front levelers... & lifted the coach well into the air. Once you get underneath, it's like a cavern. Drain plug & filter easily accessible. Used a Fram PH8873. WalMart sells them. The Workhorse manual calls for some really weird part number, but the tag on the filter I removed said to replace with ACDelco PF454. I guess if you follow the owner's manual, Chevy likes you to go to a a $95 per hour dealer or service center for your oil change.

Getting the 7 quarts of 5w30 (manual recommended) into the filler-neck was a little tricky, but doable. I used a rectangular funnel but really need one with a short, curved tube because the filler neck is nearly horizontal.

I report this in case there are others who are afraid to tackle the job, but need to save some $'s somehow. I figure thats another 10 gallons of gas I can afford & another 60 miles I can travel! Ha Ha Ha.

10-03-2005, 10:57 AM
Nice job. Even though it may seem like a simple task it still makes you feel good to save yourself some dough. Many others out there who would never even think of doing themselves.

I repacked my own wheel bearings this year, I was a bit timid to do it myself even though I have experience from my younger years with this type of thing. Saved myself about $100.00 on that one. :)

10-03-2005, 11:27 AM
Thank you Rover for recognizing my sense of accomplishment.

I included part numbers because our online ZR2 Blazer car club always identifies good (or bad) products. It is so handy for knowing what has worked for others. For example, I recently changed pads on my Blazer & merely ordered the part number recommended by others from their recommended source (RockAuto.com). It worked out perfectly (ceramic Raybestos).

While I was under my coach, I took a gander at my front brakes. That is another job that looks doable (just bigger parts). I see the major stumble to be the torque on the lugs. Anyone loosen & tighten the lugs on their Class A 37'er with regular tire wrench?

Another bit of suggested maintenance was to finally confirm my tire pressure. Low pressure could certainly degrade my gas mileage. I purchased a pressure guage from WalMart - not much money, capable of readings to (I think) about 150psig. Every tire was between 105 & 108 lbs. The sidewall maximum pressure rating on the Michelins is 110. The Workhorse manual called for a lower setting. I always set my Blazer tires to just below the maximum, so I am comfortable with the RV pressure.

I guess a 6 mpg average is just the best I can repeatidly expect. What do the rest of you run your's at?

12-17-2005, 03:04 PM
Sorry I missed this one, or rather the last question about fuel consumption. I check mine at every fill up ... drop in MPG usually indicates an engine problem of some sort ... and it's consistantly been 6.8.

THE EXCEPTION was after Katrina and the Fed's said 'Just Make Gas!!' and took all the restrictions off (Did you know that State/Local requirements are 40'ish different kinds over the US?). WOW! Jumped almost to 8.5 mpg; doesn't sound like a heck of a lot, but that's a 25% increase in mileage.