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10-31-2007, 04:48 AM
Hi Guys
I'm in the UK & am planning a trip to USA in Jan 08 I intend to buy a RV tour the states for maybe a year & then ship back to the UK. I have got my list down to 3 RVs one of which is the Crescendo 324 FRED which is the max length I want in the UK although I currently have a 36ft Damon it can be very restrictive also diesel is the only option in Europe & UK.
My questions;
Is this a good reliable vehicle as there appears to be a lot of bad feeling towards GS or is that just a minority
What will it handle like compared to my Daybreak which is a bit agricultural
Is the full wall slide a proven piece of equipment yet or are problems appearing.
I'm not worried about Cummins or Allison as they are everywhere over here and well respected but what are the Freightliner components like

I have loads more questions before I come over but will wait too see what response these get. Hope it's better than the Tiffin forum I got virtualy no response maybe their all out in their RVs

10-31-2007, 06:36 AM
Getting parts here in the US isn't always easy, so that may be a consideration for any warranty work.

We have the super slide on our Super Nova. It seems to be one of the only things that works correctly. Inspect the bottom ends of the slides when the slide is extended for open holes. They put the wrong ends on our slides and we have huge "critter holes", draft holes etc. at the bottom edges of the slides.

Also with our super slide, when it is retracted, there is no place for the carpet that coveres the front edge of the slide to go. So it bunches up against the wall and stays bunched up for a day or so after we extend the slide until it relaxes. A real poor design IMHO.

I hope more of the rigs are put together better than ours was for it is a study in how NOT to assemble a motorhome.

I hope you get more positive reports from other GS owners, but unfortunatly ours has not been a postitive experience.