View Full Version : Dreaded water leak

Ranger Fan NY
10-20-2005, 10:47 PM
OK, I bought the perfect rig for my wife and myself to enjoy this marvelous lifestyle. 30' Sun Voyager SE with the sun room slide. What a difference with all that natural light. But wait.............

First time out, in a major downpour, I get up at 4 AM (Im a light sleeper), walk out to the living area and right into a puddle on the floor. On went the lights, the rug from the slide to the linoleum is soaked, and there is enough water left over to soak the galley floor. We used towels to mop up what we could.

Before calling the dealer, we inspect the outside, and there is a discoloration in the finish around the slide. Had to be done by water.

The dealer has the rig, says Gulfstream failed to seal around one side of the slide, instead there was the foam insulation you get in air conditioner packages (they gray stuff) stuffed in the crack, but no sealant.

The dealer is calling Gulfstram tomorrow, because I want the refer pulled out tho inspect for water damage, the rug pulled up to inspect for damage. The dealer said they would ask Gulfstream to pre-approve these inquiries. However, they didnt feel I stand much of a chance getting GS to repair the discolored finish on the outside of the vehicle. In fact, they felt GS would argue the extra cost of checking for structiral damages beyond repairing the sealant.

Any thoughts? We are sick to think such a large investment was a poor one. Thanks all.

10-27-2005, 02:10 PM
Keep after them. If your dealer tells you that GS wont help. You contact them your self. We have had dealers say that the manufacturer wont help and when we contact them they do what is right. Have not had to deal with GS other than getting parts and have had no problems. They have been very helpful. I think that warranty work is paid at a lower rate than shop rates so if the dealer can do it on your ticket he gets paid better.