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04-23-2008, 06:35 PM
I'm new to this group. However, I have been a member of RV.Net for several years. I have searched this forum for info regarding the subject coach and found nothing. :roll:

DW and I have found what appears to be an excellent deal on a 1999
Sun Sport. In good condition with only 16,500 miles. Dealer so far has
not assisted me in attempting to contact the previous owner regarding
Coach condition, especially since it has such low mileage for a 9 year
old vehicle.

I'd appreciate feedback regarding experience with the model (Sun Sport)
and year (1999)

Thx, Scott

05-13-2008, 10:16 PM
It appers that there are not too many Sun Sports out there. We have a 2001 on a 1999 truck it was put together in Nov of 2000.
We got it with 13600 miles showing now has 23000.
There was a vibration (drive shaft?) had a computer diag done and fond one cyclinder was bad. It ran great on 9 much better than the 454 I had before running on eight and in a bigger motor home. We found a few bugs but nothing we could not fix ourselfs. Like anything they crank out now days .
Draws had to be fixed up in the kitchen (replaced the guides & rollers)
Leveled out the bedroom slide (1/4 inch off)
It is sort of like a house, you get to make the repairs and remodel .
I can not complain as we realy enjoy it with the room and ease
that goes with it.