View Full Version : Back Home Rally - 2008, the results

07-10-2008, 09:28 AM
Hi all weary rally travelers,

I hope you take the time to post your experiences at this year's event:

* who you met
* factory personel (was Scott Pullin there?)
* did you meet with regional reps
* discussions about factory quality with ANYONE?
* any new factory promises, expectations for coming year?
* work done on your unit?
* factory tours? Learn anything new or interesting on tour?
* how was the weather? site conditions?
* custom paint or detailing reps? Does Mike's Custom Paint do anything for the event?
* vender displays, assistance, & services

The list goes on & on. I think the rest of us would love to hear more. I'm guessing that Gulf Stream would also appreciate our discussions of the event. It could encourage more attendance in the future.