View Full Version : Our latest trip

08-09-2008, 10:57 AM
The Tourmaster is holding up just fine on our latest trip from Tennessee to Connecticut to Rhode Island to South Dakota back to Tennessee. We are currently in South Dakota enjoying the great weather. While in Connecticut the entire family was there with their tents all set for a good nights rest. The weather did not see it that way. We had a thunder storm and down pouring rain that sent everyone running to the high and dry Tourmaster. The question is: How many family members will a Tourmaster sleep? A total of 8. Its a good thing every person didn't stay to sleep. We did have a small leak on the slide in the bedroom. The rubber gasket on the side of the slide was bent in towards the coach thus allowing the water to run into the coach instead of down. We just popped it out and all was well.

We stopped at the factory to take the tour. After going on tours at Carriage, Jayco and Nuwa, in the past, this tour was not very educational as far as what makes our Tourmaster tick. Production was down so we could not see the line moving. We did see the new products. The Tourmaster, tag axel, was one sweat ride. It had a home theater that converted to a bedroom in the form of a "Murphy bed". The SRP was right around $300,000. Again, Gulfstream, gives a lot for your money. If they can only get their quality down, they would be the leader in the industry.