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08-21-2008, 09:40 AM
We have a 2006 Friendship G-8. Last year we had to have all of the compartment doors replaced due to a underlying corrosion and paint bubbling issue. This was totally covered by GS as the coach was under warranty. We were told by our rep at Boat N RV of PA that there was a problem with a batch of doors and other coachs had the problem as well. We now have the same issue with our trash door, which was not replaced last year. We feel very strongly that this door should be replaced even though the coach is out of warranty. GS has declined this request stating there was never a "defect" problem. Our question is has anyone else had this issue with their doors. If so what is your year and model? As always thanks for any help you can offer.

08-21-2008, 01:07 PM

I had all of my compartment doors replaced on our 2005 Sun Voyager #8351. The cause for the replacement was not defective painting or surface prep. Our problem was a defective door design. When the 1st door "broke off", our dealer obtained a new one & had to paint & swirl it it to match our coach. The paint did not match & the swirl resembled a Micky-Mouse ear. Then a 2nd door "broke off" & the factory agreed to replace all with the new design (already in the production line). I would not allow the dealership to do the prepping & painting, so I got the agreement to take my coach to the factory to have Mike's Custom do the work in the actual factory production line paint booths. The work is A1 perfect.

It sounds as though there was a surface prep problem with all of your doors. If the trash door is part of the set, I'm thinking you need to scream really loud to have that one replaced as well. (I don't know what the trash door is) If you can't get the attention of lower level "authorities" at GS, it's probably time to get Scott Pullin involved (Vice President of Operations). There is no-one higher, and he is a really fair & honest guy. You just have to get his attention. The format of the GS email system is the 1st letter of an employee's name and the last name in it's entirety (spullin). That would be sent to gulfstreamcoach.com. I promise you that if there is merit to your complaint, it will be taken care of.

Getting Scott on the phone is another matter altogether. He has 2 layers of "filters" before the phone rings at his desk. His secretary is paid to NEVER put your call through, even when you lie & say he's expecting your call! A phone call during lunch time can bypass at least one layer. If you can coax the extension # out of the lunch time girl covering receptionist lunch, then you can call Scott directly in the evening, after everyone but he have gone home for the day (5:15pm).

Don't tell that I told you that. On the otherhand, if they monitor this forum, then I'll be the one receiving a call! ...about 2am! ha ha ha

I still wonder why the trash door wasn't replaced originally? Is it in another location? or a different style?

08-22-2008, 11:36 AM
Both my trash door and fridge access doors have corrosion on them had it when I got it last july....has not grown since Jim K

09-04-2008, 08:47 AM
Scott Pulin is a good bet, but , ..... there is someone higher ....

Try Claude Donati, Exec VP. Good Man and easy to talk to.

Best Regards, Clyde