View Full Version : Winterizing problems Sun Voyager 8295

10-20-2008, 01:30 PM
Hi Everyone a newbie here to this forum hope someone can help with my problems.

I am trying to winterize my MH and have drained the water heater and shut the water off to the ice maker and then started to pump antifreeze into the system after shutting off the water heater bypass valve. The antifreeze is going into the water heater. How do I prevent the antifreeze from going to the water heater? How do I fill the pipes going to and from the water heater and to the hot water taps in kitchen bath and shower.

On other units I have had there were 2 shut off valves on the water heater and a bypass valve between the cold and hot lines. This unit does not have the 2 shut off valves that I can find.

Anyhelp would be appreciated at this time we had a heavy freeze the last 3 nights and want to get the unit secure from freezing.

Thanks Rick