View Full Version : Slide adjustment on my 03 MAKO

10-20-2008, 08:57 PM
Went camping this past weekend and the slide out floor had moved below the main floor when fully extended such that the slideout motor could not retract the slideout. I used the manual over ride and with a loud bang the slideout popped up and the motor brought it the rest of the way in. Now the rear portion of the slidout won't come flush with the camper.
When the slide moves the front part of the slide moves first followed by the rear. I cleaned the slides and lubricated with white lithium greased but it didn't help. Does anybody know how the adjust the slide so it doesn't drop so far when fully open. I looked and didn't see any adjustment. Is there a way to make the front and rear move the same.....Seems to me something got way out of adjustment....