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Myst & Ronin
01-28-2006, 04:25 PM
We presently have an '04 40' Alfa Seeya and have had ZERO problems with it that weren't directly attributable to our own stupidity LOL (newbies.. what are ya gonna do with em). We bought the Seeya because it has such a huge slideout.. high ceilings, a multitude of windows, an unbelievable amount of storage space and so many little touches that make an rv so utilizable and livable.

NOW Gulfstream has come up with an Alfa clone.. the 2006 Tour Master and even tho we are relatively happy with the Alfa, we have heard horror stories about the slide motors being underpowered and burning out, specifically the big slide motor. As I said WE have had no such problem with them, thus far, but my husband worries that as we are ready to break her down and pull out, one of the slide motors will go and get us stuck. (he is still working.. an Emergency Room Physician.. and when he must be back to work.. he MUST be back to work!) Have any of you 'gulfstreamers' had any problems with their slide motors? Is your air conditioner enough to keep the coach very cool while underway?... and in hot humid areas? We are strongly considering the new Tour Master but these items are important to us.

Though we are not full timers yet, and will always have a home base, we look so foward to taking off for months at a time when we retire at 62 (in 2 1/2 yrs). Our entire focus at this point is trying to assure 'as trouble free' a time as is possible with RVs :)

RV Wizard
01-29-2006, 06:07 AM
Myst and Ronin, welcome to the Gulf Stream Owners RV Forum. We are glad to have you find and join us here. On thing that I will say is that for jack leveler and slide rooms there is always a manual override to get them back up and in when they have been put down and out. (no pun intended) If it comes to light that a motor is not sufficient to do the job the manufacturer will correct the problem; usually by changing the gear ratio so that it does not overload and burn out. One thing that I have found out is that most if not all the time when a motor is burned out it is due to LOW VOLTAGE. May sure you have fully charged batteries when you go to use them and you will rarely have a problem. I not only own a very nice Gulf Stream; my dealership (I's the service manager) sells them. The Tour Master is a very nice coach and if you like the Alpha See Ya you would love the Tour Master. Good luck and enjoy!

Myst & Ronin
01-29-2006, 06:28 AM
Thanks so much for your response.

We never use the slides prior to hooking up to electricity, precisely for the reason you stated. It just made sense to us, to do it that way.. knowing something (thought little) about electric motors. We rarely boondock at this point.. but may later on, after retirement.

Lemme ask you another question, If I may.... We like a really cool coach in hot hot areas... does your ac keep the coach cool enough, or am I going to need to purchase a 2nd rooftop AC unit? We love the Alfa at this point but we can't keep it cool enough for our liking... partly due to air leaks that we plan to address soon. Our main problem is the coach not staying cool while under way.. on the generator. Any comments on this situation with the Gulfstreams?

Myst & Ronin
01-29-2006, 06:35 AM
Oh btw. We live in Tennessee.. about an hour and a half from the Ga border. I noticed you said you worked at a Ga dealer and that your dealer carries GS. Perhaps we could drive down and get a tour of the GS'?
Please pm me with info if you would rather.

RV Wizard
01-29-2006, 09:09 AM
I believe the Tour Master has two roof air conditioners or basement air capable of keeping the unit quite comfortable. The coach has dual pane windows as well. If your Alfa has dual pane window too, it will really make a difference in heating and cooling as well as eliminate a lot of noise that would otherwise be heard on coches that do not have them.
Although we do not carry the Tour Master model at our dealership, we do have one right now that we are repairing for another dealership. We are located south of Atlanta about 40 miles at exit 201 on I 75.
Our Scenic Cruiser also has two 13,500 BTU roof top air conditioners and dual pane windows. We spent a year in the Phoenix area (summer of 2004) with temperatures over 110 F. With a little help by covering the skylight in the bathroom and the vent covers with the foiled bubble wrap as well as have the windshield sun screen in place, we were able to keep it quite comfortable. Our unit is very well insulated. We do run our generatot almost always while traveling and with the dash air and roof air both running we can stay cool even in 110 F facing the sun.