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11-19-2008, 08:22 AM
anyone know where the 12 volt fuse for the refregrator is located on a 99 gulfstream svb. cant find it.and is there a pdf picture of the dash anywhere.got my first mh and it didnt come with a manuel.

11-19-2008, 11:19 AM

If your coach is a '99 SVB, is it the "Platinum Edition" that is 36'-10" long or one of the 34' SVB's?

Rob and I both have the SVB-Platinums and between the two of us probably have every manual that you will need with yours.

Let me know and I will start copying things as I can. You will need to tell me what your coach has in it re: refrigerator, stovetop/oven, microwave, levelers, and specifically the engine/trans combo.

I also have the original '98 brochure which should be almost identical to your and Rob's '99's.

Re: the fuses, they are located primarily in two places. The first is in the DS compartment BELOW the driver's feet, outside (the left compartment at the DS front of the coach).

There are others under the master bed next to the 110V breaker panel and it should have a dark plexiglass door with a velcro latch on it.

There could also be one in the refrigerator compartment behind the refer. access panel. The panel is removed by rotating the black clips 90 degrees and then tilting and lifting the cover off. Do NOT forget to re-latch these clips or you will lose the panel.

Also, please tell us where you live/reside and update your personal info to help the rest of us out.

11-19-2008, 10:55 PM
M-8362 SVB(275HP)

this is the motor home. it has a kitchen slide [one slide] only. we swaped a 2006 36ft kz toy hauler and a 2003 dodge diesel duelly quad cab 4x4 truck for the mh. it came with a lot of paper work about everything in the unit all the cummins engine stuff [which makes no sence, relation, at all to the mh] and appliances . no dash picture , no 'where the fuse boxs' are or ''like this has to be on before the 12 volts for the refreg. will work'' etc.we have owned two campers and one 5th wheel and the manuels were quiet useful and easy to follow. like does the inverter have to be on ,if so when it is plugged in to shore is there something else that has to be turned on hada hada hada hada. i took a set of booster cables and some jumpers and put 12 volts on the two terminals and got it to work ,but it looks kinda funny driveing down the road with the cables duct taped on the side of the mh.me thinks i am missing something???????

11-20-2008, 02:06 PM
Frank, I sent you a PM but will try to answer some of your questions here.

The 8362SVB designates the biggest Sun Voyager model available at that time, that being the Platinum Edition. This coach comes with a 275HP; 12-valve; Turbocharged; Charge Air Cooled (CAC) Cummins C8.3 diesel engine rated at 800 Ft/lbs of torque and is mated to an Allison MD3060 6 speed automatic transmission. You have a Neway/Firestone air ride equipped (air springs/bags) Spartan Alpine-GT chassis with air drum brakes, an Eaton 23070S rear differential (I think) and Granning straight front axle.

The Cummins engine info (and the Spartan chassis info) is useful in that it will help you identify areas, serial number locations etc. in case you need service/parts etc.

The inverter is located on the passenger side (PS) in the first basement compartment behind the right rear wheels. There is a switch on it that can be turned on or off. I leave mine on all the time as some devices and 110V outlets in the coach run strictly off of the inverter versus those wired to shore power via the coach transfer switch. The only time I turn the inverter off is if I need to remove the coach or chassis batteries for service or replacement. With it off, the coach cannot change 12V to 110V.

Mine has a 1000W Heart Interface inverter with a battery control switch in the foot well just inside the bus door. If I am not hooked up, I can turn off both sets of batteries. If I am plugged in, I can only shut off the coach batteries. This seems a little backwards and I am investigating it to see if everything is wired correctly as the chassis batteries are not supposed to charge off of the shore power?I think?but only the coach batteries.

Anyway, the battery relays and the bulk of the power distribution and fuses are in the DS forward-most compartment located in front of the DS front wheel. The rest, including the 110V breakers, are located under the foot of the master bed.

If you can?t get some things to work, call me on the number I gave you in the PM.


11-20-2008, 10:57 PM
Aha! when i first checked the unit over the inverter worked ,and so did everything else at least it made a noticeable noise, now there is no noise coming form it. If i put my ear down to it i can hear a small buzzing sound. the switch is on and both little white circit brakers are pushed in. Is there something inside that inverter i should look at ,or is the inverter shot.what next should i be looking for .Oh ! the two little fans up in the corner of the front windows stopped working also, i never mentioned that in my original post,. there were things on this unit that i could not try because the seller had it winterized and i had to take his word ,that every thing worked.And ,by the way,thanks for all the infomation so far .You told me things about this unit that ,i am sure, the seller didnt even know. thanks again.

11-21-2008, 12:50 PM
The inverter should have a small buzz coming from it if it has a load on it. It will from time to time go silent if the batteries are fully charged and there is no draw. This is normal.

When the inverter buzzes louder, there is a substantial draw on the 110 side inside the coach (i.e. using your house vacuum cleaner, doing modifications and having a drill, halogen work light etc. plugged into outlets...like me most of the time... :roll: ). This too is normal.

There are two breakers (white push button types) on the front of the inverter near the on/off switch. These should be pressed IN for everything to work correctly. If they "pop" out, you may have overloaded a circuit temporarily or something "could" be amiss in a device or wiring.

99.99% of the time, electrical issues (whether 12V or 110V) in a coach are related to a "bad ground" somewhere. Devices and components do fail but not that often...unless the mfr. got a bad batch or installed them incorrectly.

Here is another thing you should change since the PO might not have done it when winterizing it. Change out the water heater anode and pressure relief valve. Both are about $15 each and are easy to change. Both parts are usually available from RV parts houses or dealers and possibly home improvement stores. You should also vacuum out all areas of your coach interior heaters and refrigerator compartment, check the coils for damage and debris on your roof top AC units, as well as the condition of the shrouds.

There is a host of items you should check re: the coach/chassis so send me a PM with your personal email address and I'll forward the info to you for your review.

BTW, I am glad to help and it is funny that you are now the third person to purchase virtually the exact coach I have. I thought I was alone out there with the specifics so the least I can do is share the info I have optained.


11-21-2008, 10:13 PM
thanks for all the help .I am on the road right now and i got a chance to look at the mh befor i left. I cant do anything to it ontill i get back home.middle of next week,sure hope there's not too much snow.it can get cold where i live down to -36c plus at my place.Enough of that stuff-- where can i get a bra for the sunvoyager,it has the snaps allready on it, any ideas.