View Full Version : Tour Master in Winter

Fl Mike
12-04-2008, 02:49 PM
Wife is talking about visiting relatives in NE (Omaha area) for Christmas next year. This raises two questions:
#1 - are there any campgrounds in the area open that time of year?
#2 - will the Tour Master require any special preparation for camping in the very cold temps?

Remember, I am a Florida boy, not used to that type of weather! 8)

12-11-2008, 11:58 PM
We are in Gulf Shores, AL. and the last few days it has been (according to the locals) cold, its been low 30's at night. The heat pump will not keep up so it switchs to propane. The windows and door are very drafty. We were in Quartzsite last your and when it got cold we got a small propane heater and had an external propane tank to run it which really worked well. We left it home because we thought it was going to be warm here....... WRONG! Now just keep in mind, DW cannot be cold, not even a little. If you are going where its REALLY cold, be creative in how you approach staying warm. good luck.

12-21-2008, 04:14 PM
Stumbled on a creative way to greatly increase the warmth of the coach.

Currently it is 10 deg outside, and looking at 0 tonight. The coach is nicely warm with the propane system. We use 22 gal of propane per week, and have a service that comes to the RV park and fills our tank.

Last year, we were in S. Texas in August. It would have to cool down 20 deg to get to hot. We had exterior sun screens made for every window of our coach. Had MCD sun screens for the windshield, door, and driver's window.

We noticed that the sun screens blocked air flow. You could open a window, but the screen restricted air from entering the coach.

Nicely, the reverse also occurs. In winter, the coach stays much warmer with the screens up. I theorize that there is less going out the windows because the screens block the flow.

Also, have an adapter on the 30 amp plug, and have a heavy multi plug on that. I have a ceramic heater in the compartments (well shielded and carefully placed). The heater keeps our floors warm(er) and items in the compartment from freezing.

Yes, the usual heat tape on the water line with heavy insulation wrap around it as well.

Not the most glamorous way to get through winter, but doable.