View Full Version : Water on roof

02-08-2009, 12:59 PM
Has any one found a way to get the water off the roof of a 03 Friendship? The engineers that designed it should be hung out to dry. There is a 1 inch lip all arround the roof. Water can't drain and we have what I call a mosquito farm up there while parked. No amount of caulking will keep it from leak into the coach.

02-10-2009, 11:36 AM
What I do when it is raining is to raise the coach up from the front so that the water can run off the back. I don't have the Friendship, but I have the Scenic Cruiser and I have always complained about the roof design. Mine is a solid piece of fiberglas on top, but where it meets the side section it forms like a valley where water collects. Mine does not leak because once a year a get on top of the coach and if I see any cracks on the caulking I can some lacquer thinner and clean the spot to where the caulking is nice and white (clean). I buy me some Dicor self leveling caulk at a RV store and it seals the cracks right up. Hope this info will help.

02-11-2009, 10:19 AM
Treecounter: Where is the leak? If you can figure out where the leaks originate, there are several methods to fix them.

Our TM has a sloped roof that allows water to run off, thank heavens, as Oregon rains constantly from Sept to May.

I have used Dacor, but switched to clearseal. You can find it in Camping World, next to the tubes of Dacor. Both are excellent, but clearseal comes in a pint container that you "paint" onto the surface. The reason I mention this, not wanting to get into "this is better, no this is way better", is that clearseal flows deeply into the roof. It will not self level like Dacor, but around vent pipes and those objects that penetrate the roof the clearseal will run down the pipe and seal the area around it. You have to paint on several layers, but once I did so you can see it seal the area. Also, you can use it in wet conditions, and it will stick to whatever it touches like silicone.
Just another possibility to seal your roof.