View Full Version : supernova engine noise

06-16-2009, 12:07 PM
I have owned an 08 6331 supernova for about a yr now. Since the very first trip it has made an engine noice when shifting gear. this noise is a very noisy chirp and when it happens, we lose power for a second. the problem is it happens all the time, especially when we are towing which is the reason we bought the supernova in the first place. I took the RV to McCandles in Phx and they told me that everything sounded normal. they said the noise wasnt very loud but when i drive it is so loud it drives me crazy not to mention the loss of power. I belive it is a turbo problem and i want to know if this is normal. I have a ford f350 with a diesel and it doesnt make any of these noises.