View Full Version : Slide awning vs the wind

03-14-2006, 07:17 PM
It was a blustery day today and while I was outside trimming trees away from the driveway I heard a strange noise. I looked up and my rear slide awning was trying to be a sail. I wander if it would help with fuel milage? Probably not. So anyway, I took it off. One of the connecting arms is bent so it will have to be replaced. Neither connecting arms had the retaining screws in them which allowed the awning to blow off the one end. I hope it will be covered under warrenty because of the screws missing. They were either never put in or not put in properly. I have a few other small issues that need fixed so I will just add it to my list and make an appointment. I thank God that it happened while I was outside at the time. If that had been allowed to flop around in the wind for hours I would have some major damage to deal with. Those with slide out awning might want to check those little set screws and make sure they are tight. I am going to lock-tight mine in. Happy Camping.