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07-14-2009, 11:28 PM
Today we replaced our two front tires (with Michelins) as they were wearing on the outside edges and cupping. I had this done at Tire Rama in Missoula, Montana, a place I highly recommend.

However, the tires had only 28,000 on them and I was upset at their wear. Tire Rama had the capability to align the TM, but I had this done only 10,000 miles ago and did not see why another alignment was necessary.

Somewhere in the back of my thin brain I remembered reading about a recall. I think there was a thread on this Forum about it. I then checked with Freightliner, and sure enough, the power steering system has a recall on the filter and lines.

I took our TM to Freightliner, in Missoula, again highly recommended.

Freightliner had a dickens of a time with the alignment. Everything checked out. Since I had two new steering tires, with balances, the problem of pulling to the R, and tire wear/cupping was not from the alignment.

One of the service techs then noticed the recall, and concluded that the power steering system was responsible for the pulling to the R.

Once they performed the recall campaign, Vonderbar!, no pulling and everything works as it should.

So, if you have not perused the Freightliner custom chassis site, or called Freightliner to see if your chassis is one of those affected, it is time to do so.

07-16-2009, 12:39 PM
Per my above post:

Your Freightliner chassis manuals are here: https://secure.freightliner.com/newbull ... brand=FCCC (https://secure.freightliner.com/newbulletins/techmanuals/internetdocs/DMMM_manuals.asp?brand=FCCC)

Join the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club, through Family Motor Coach Assn.

Especially to check out the recall section:
http://www.freightlinerchassisownersclu ... safety.htm (http://www.freightlinerchassisownersclub.org/recalls_safety.htm)

Or to answer other tech questions on the Freightliner chassis:

http://www.freightlinerchassisownersclu ... %20Display (http://www.freightlinerchassisownersclub.org/tech_tidbits.htm#Info%20Center%20Display)

Finally, there is the Freightliner Custom Chassis site: