View Full Version : accelerator problems gulfstream sunsport 1995 deisel auto

07-18-2009, 03:27 AM
Hi everyone,

We were just ready to set off to Pickering last night - despite the appalling weather - very keen.
When... the van refused to accelerate. The speedo needle went right over to 160KM/H and the gears refused to engage. also when pressing the throttle pedal the engine did not rev up. i.e nothing happens.

This morning my husband started the engine up and whilst in park the engine would respond to the pressing of the throttle pedal, however as soon as he engaged eiyher drive or reverse, the engine would not respond to the throttle pedal. A slight movement was felt when engaging the gear but a soon as any load was applied to the throttle pedal there is no response and the engine will not rev up again.

We have checked the transmission fluid levels and have travelled over 250 miles since we purchased this with no problems.

The throttle pedal is connected to what appears to be an electronic control and not a mechanical linkage or cable. The van is a cummins deisel chevrolet 6.5 cc with allinson gear box. it says something in the chevy truck book we have that certain models have differing accelerator controls but - althoug my dear hubby is usually very good with these things he has not come across this before.
........ HELP:

Lynne and paul :?: