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08-25-2009, 11:45 AM
I have a 2008 Tour Master T40A. I bought it from Hart City RV in Elkhart, Indiana. They are out of business. It came with aluminum rims. I thought it came with Alcoa Rims with a coating for easy cleaning. I contacted Alcoa to find out what I should use to clean them and they asked me to look for the numbers stamped on the wheels so they could advise me on what was the best way to clean them. I E-Mailed them the numbers and was told that they were not there wheels. The center hubs all say Alcoa on them, go figure. I had the coach detailed and was told that the wheels are not coated. We just came back from a cross country trip and we lost two of the chrome nut covers and I found out at that time that there were a number of them loose and the center hubs were loose also. I used a rubber hammer to reseat the covers and found that the center hubs were tight when the lug nut covers were tight. I called Alcoa and was told that the covers that I have are the wrong covers. Part #001811. They should be part # 001881, which are a two part screw on cover to hold the center hub tight and a pressure fit to hold the nut cover. I was told that I was lucky I did not loose the center hubs. The replacement nuts wil cost me $3.83 each plus tax and shipping. I need 40 of them. Do these wheels come with the chassie or does Gulf Stream install them. I do not feel I should have to get the right parts, they should have come with the right parts to begin with. Who's responsable?????
Anybody have a similar problem.

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08-25-2009, 12:18 PM
On the 09 spec sheet from Freightliner, it calls them Accuride, Accu shield polished aluminum wheels with trim kit. Hope that helps.
It says, cleans easily with soap and water avoiding polishing.

08-25-2009, 08:26 PM
Our 2007 T-40C lost a hub cover and several lug nut covers. Oddly enough this was on a trip to visit GS and they replaced everything. Just prior to that trip Freightliner did maintenance work and got at the wheels. I think they did not tighten the covers correctly. The non-screw on lug covers are tricky to get on securely. Our rims are the "low luster" like you have. We wash with mild soap and water, but they never look very good. Charlie

08-26-2009, 05:33 PM
I took the time to polish mine. They do not clean up well at all. I tried some clear lacquer on one wheel, which did not look right.

So, I also clean mine with soap and water, and leave them alone.