View Full Version : Hello from Florida ! GS palm breeze owner :( LOL

10-02-2009, 05:56 PM
Howdy fellow GS owners ! I am so glad to have found this site :)

Please can someone familiar with this coach pm me for some help, and well i just post my questions here.

I love my RV its in great shape inside but its starting to go downhill everywhere else !

hydraulics motor went out, so i replaced it, and now its running very hot and now the pump is squirting fluid ... What do i do ? i heard there might be a screen or filter i need to get cleaned ??

also if someone can pop their hood and tell me if i got the power gear/dewald motor wiring correct.. i went blue left, green right.. itf they were backwards would they cause this ?

also my fridge and water heater wont run on gas.. my rv "tech" told me they all need new control boards.. but he didnt mention anything about cleaning the elements.. does this sound fishy ? any tips ?

ok last one for now ! lol. i want to service my generator, its a generac., it runs good but starts a little hard and knocks when you cut it off