View Full Version : A lesson for all class a owners

01-30-2010, 06:07 PM
I was setting up the othr day and went to use the jacks. All the lights started blinking then tthey would stop I would try to level the coach ant they would go haywire again. Ther is no way to describe how crazy they wer acting, I called Quadra in Jacksoville FL. and spoke to Jack. He was a little preplexed as well, dut he said it had to be either the control panel or the batteries. I checked the couch batteries and they were good 13.4v. I ran around the home at least a dozen times worried about the cost of a control panel. Somewhere during all the runing and swearing a light went on in the gray matter. I came back in all sweaty and pushed the battery crossover and the jacks worked perfectly. News flash the jacks run off the chasis batteries and the jacks have got to have a min. of 12v to opperate. The engine will crank around 11v. The jacks gave early warning that the chasis battery was bad. I was so relived I did not do any running or swearing about the 300.00 dollars for new batteries.

02-03-2010, 07:47 PM
Dexter, I'm glad you found the problem. Like you, sometimes I am glad to pay the price if I can just find the problem. I still am not aware of what runs off of chasis and what runs off of house batteries. I do know how to find out and the next time I clean the house batteries I will try to check it out.