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05-03-2010, 09:07 PM
I just purchased a 2006 tourmaster. The manuals are worthless. I can't get the pump to pump water on the hot side of the faucets. I popped the relief valve on the hot water tank and water came out. It has this manifold heating system and again no operating instructions. Any ideas?

Also, on my first trip I plugged into a 50 amp outlet. The coach didn't seem to recognize that it was plugged in. The panel inside the cabinet where you check the levels of the tank showed the inverter was on but not charging the batteries. There is also a mystery household looking switch, that lights up red when you flip it on..haven't clue what it is hooked to.

I also can't find anywhere you can switch from gas to electric for the fridge.

Can you tell I am just a little frustrated at this point?

Any answers would be appreciated

Rusty in Iowa

05-04-2010, 12:19 AM

I'll tackle the mystery switch that lights up "red". It's the switch for the electric element in your water heater.

NEVER turn it on unless there is water in the water heater tank. That's comforting, eh? How often have you, the wife, the kids clicked it on & wondered, "Hmmmm?"

Don't fret too much though, because there is another switch located in the external compartment for the water heater. It can (& might be) turned off to prevent accidental energizing the heater element... The crazy thing though is that the red light comes on if the element heats or not...

Go figure...

Chuck v
05-04-2010, 12:31 AM

Yes, the factory documentation on the TourMaster coaches is abysmal. Here is a bit of what I have learned about my 2007 model that might be of some help. Your 2006 might be different in some respects.

The household looking switch in the area of the tank monitoring panel is the electric heating element for the 10 gallon water heater. Be certain that it is on ONLY if there is water in the heater as it will burn out if run dry. This switch is in series with the electric heating switch in the water heater access compartment on the outside of the coach -- both need to be on to work on shore power.

My refrigerator is a large household appliance, and does not run on anything but AC...it does not run on propane, but will run off the inverter while driving.

In my coach there is a panel showing AC and inverter status in the cabinet over the dash where the DVD player and audio equipment are. You should be able to select what AC utility service is connected so the inverter does not try to supply too much of the load by itself.

The water manifold is a bit odd in that I believe that you have to have one of the individual valve knobs in the "off" position to get hot water throughout the coach -- on is BYPASS in this case. I think it is the number 9 valve pair...but I am not at the coach at the moment.

Hope this gets you started. everyone here is really helpful, and we all have seen how little the 'owner's manual" from GS can be counted upon to be informative. :x


Fl Mike
05-04-2010, 07:24 AM
I have a 2006 TM T-36. The question regarding the mystery switch has been asnwered. The frig only works on power - it will work from the invertor and the batteries are charged by the engine while running. We typically turn on the invertor (within the panel where the hot water switch is located) while driving. This keeps the frig running for us. But, don't forget to turn it off if parked for a long period of time and you are not turning off the battery switches (located by the door on my unit).



David Bott
05-04-2010, 07:44 AM
First I have an 08 TM....

"Also, on my first trip I plugged into a 50 amp outlet. The coach didn't seem to recognize that it was plugged in"

If your light on the hot water switch is lit (As you now know what that is), it can only be lit and on if 1) You are on Generator Power or 2) You are plugged into shore power. If your generator is not running, and you are plugged in, then you have power somehow. :)

Not getting water out of the hot side of the taps will be the manifold. It is more than likely in bypass setting as someone had winterized it and did not set it back. On mine, their is a sticker on the manifold itself that tells you the settings. I also would have to go look...but 9 does sound right. When the arrows are pointing left and right, that is OPEN, up and down is CLOSED.

And yes, the fridge is all electric. I always leave my inverter in on mode as it will auto switch internally from battery use and shore/charge. However, my inverter may not be the same as yours. I do this for 1) I am always charged and 2) If the shore power goes off, it will run off the house batteries and I will not loose my food.

Welcome to the site.

05-04-2010, 09:35 AM
Thanks to everyone who has responded to my post. I did get the water to flow out of the tap on the hot water side, it was in the manifold system. I know understand the household looking switch is for the hot water heater to run on electric. I would prefer to run the heater on gas, but when I flip the button for hot water nothing happens. I go outside thinking I will hear a clicking sound as it attempts to light, but I hear nothing. Can you access where the pilot is and light it manually? It is not like water heaters I have had in previous motorhomes where there was a value that you held in while you lit the pilot light. Any experienced suggestions about this heater would be appreciated, I have taken one cold shower on my first trip and I don't want to repeat that....brrrr

The inverter, intelipower, plug to shore power continues to be a mystery.

I am disappointed that the fridge is only electric, instead of assumming I should have asked.

When you are plugged into shore power do the air units cycle from one to another. It does state in some paperwork that you can't run both if attached to shore power. I have only 1 thermostat and it doesn't appear that you can shut one down and run the other.

You guys have been GREAT.


David Bott
05-04-2010, 10:06 AM
In regards to the hot water heating, you will always want to run it on electric if plugged in as it was save your propane. After all, you are already paying for the electric at the RV park you may be at. When you turn on the switch for the electric heating element, you will not hear it.

If you want to run on gas, their is also a switch for that usually in the same cabinet to turn on labeled WATER HEATER. IF you turn that on, their is an LED that tells you if it is lit or not lit. It has an auto start like your heaters.

In regards to power...You either have shore power or you don't. At one point you mentioned that the red light was on when you flipped the electric hot water heating switch. No it sounds like it is not. As you mentioned, nothing happens. (Are you referring to the other switch labeled Hot Water as mentioned above? ) Note, on the hot water tank itself you will see a switch also...it needs to be ON for any hot water to be made. May want to check that as again, it was more than likely turned off for the winter after the tank was drained.

Don't be disappointed in the fridge, you can carry much more food and in a propane one. :)

I have three A/C units, I can run all three at the same time. You should be able to run both of yours I would have to think without issue. Really, one would not cool that coach enough in the summer. I also have one thrmo, but it runs all three. You set them in the thrmo itself using the buttons to cycle though the settings for each unit and heater based on the mode you are in.

Side note...Their is a GS rally at the end of June in Goshen, IN where you kind find all kinds of people who can help you. Just mentioning as it may be worth the trip. Like 70 of us will be their. If you need info, let me know.

05-04-2010, 10:32 AM
David: Thank you so much for your response. I would like some additional info on the GS rally the end of June. Is there a website I can go to?


David Bott
05-04-2010, 12:19 PM
Here is the contact...

viewtopic.php?t=2046 (http://www.gsowners.com/viewtopic.php?t=2046)

Give Les a call for the current details.