View Full Version : Graphics on my 08 Tourmaster slide and coach do not line up

06-08-2010, 03:58 PM
Wondering if the rest of you may you double check your Tourmaster to see if the graphics on your slides and coach match up perfectly?

This past weekend I noticed that the exterior molding piece right under my main slide is loose (I will epoxy it back next week). Then I noticed that the graphics on my main slide and coach do not match up perfectly, the lines on the aft-side of the slide are half-inch lower than the ones on the coach. As if the aft-side of the main slide has dropped a little and pushed the molding below loose.

However, without looking at the graphics, the slide seems level with the molding and does not leak. So maybe it is just the graphics and not the slide? Wondering if I should get the main slide adjusted-lifted so that the graphics match, at the risk of it leaking, or just accept the slightly-off graphic lines? Let me know what you think.

Below are 3 pictures:

Below is a picture of the graphics not lining up on the slide and coach

Below is a picture of the bottom edge of the main slide appearing to be lined up with the bottom molding

Below is a picture of the molding coming loose.

David Bott
06-10-2010, 10:57 AM
Hi...(As I had already replied to your PM on June 2nd.)

It sounds to me like that it has shifted down and needs to be adjusted. Even more so if it is hitting the molding. It should be above the molding. More or less what happens is over time is will drift some. It is only bolted on.

So what needs to be done is when the slide it out, that back end of the slide will get jacked just so it is supported. (Usually a 2x4 is used between the jack and the floor of the slide with another 2x4 down to the jack. (Like a T ). Then the two nuts are loosed and it is jacked up a little more. Then the nuts and tightened back down. Move the slide in and check alignment.

I did not tell you the above so you can do it, I would still suggesting having it done. Just wanted to let you know it was not that bad of a process.

The coaches are painted with the slides in place. So if it was aligned correctly at the factory before painting, as they normally are, then the paint should match up.

Take care.