View Full Version : Air Suspension level (Rear) 1998 SUNVOYAGER/SPARTAN DP

06-21-2010, 08:35 PM
Hi! from England. I've had my Sunvoyager for about 6 months now, been working on refurbishing the bedroom & bathroom in great detail... (new ceiling panels etc.,) so it's been stood for a while.
I run the Cummins occasionally, but feel the rear is slightly lower than the front and would like to raise it to a higher running height. No problems, it does rise and stay up as it should..perhaps dropping a little over a month or two, but is it possible to adjust the normal running height, perhaps at the airbags themselves? Only an inch or two!
My air dump etc., all work fine, just wondered if it's relatively easy to adjust the attitude when in normal mode? any suggestions welcome, my lucky American friends....oh, how I long for big wide open roads like yours!! Cheers. :D

06-26-2010, 06:39 AM
why not use the jacks for parking purposes? air loss over two months-not even sure if spraying each component with water will identify from where the air is leaking.

06-26-2010, 08:08 PM
Hi! Thanksfor that, 72chevy.

Well, I'm not too concerned about standing air loss, although there is another thing I meant to ask about. (Later) The coach rides fine whenever I've driven it on our narrow roads...(a total of 50 miles since I bought it) but it just seems the 'normal' (driving level/attitude) is a little lower at the rear and I'd prefer to raise it if easily possible. Of course, when parked up I'll be using the BigFoot jacks...it's the ride height I'm enquiring about.

Since my posting I've crawled underneath to check and it seems there's only a couple of levers I could adjust on each airbag, but I don't want to mess up without advice from my US buddies. Is there an easier way?

Anyhoo, the other thing is the Haldex Air Dryer/purge system/cylinder. My last short drive, down VERY narrow 'country' roads, brushing each hedge, became very alarming as the air pressure in the rear tank started dropping cyclically to around 65psi then back up (Thank God!) to 135psi. I was fearful of the air brakes coming on automatically through loss of pressure, stranding me & the wife in the middle of a dangerously narrow road with MANY bends and oncoming traffic!

I now know it was the Haldex unit, which continues to purge air from the bottom valve constantly, cycling....135-65 psi. Is this normal? I wouldn't have thought so!! Any suggestions? Is it a common fault? Is it just dirt stuck in the valve? Anybody else had this? Suggestions welcome. Many thanks, toodlepip! Tom.

06-27-2010, 09:25 AM
I'm curious as to why your pressure dropped so low. Were you riding the brakes?

I would guess the ride height could be adjusted, but would not suggest doing so on a whim-an increased ride height would increase the center of gravity, which on a dip and roll could/would effect handling.

06-27-2010, 10:26 AM
Hi! no, I'm an ex-professional trucker and an English advanced driver so I don't ride the brakes (or clutch, over here) it just started to drop on the guage, quite alarming as I watched the pressure fall away, because I know the brakes would come on below a certain pressure level and we'd be unable to move without airing up the system.

I assumed it was an air leak somewhere, but discovered that the purge valve (Haldex) was blowing off when it reached 135 psi, then gradually over about a minute, down to around 65 psi. Then it builds up again.

It does this all the time whilst idling, in other words..excessive cycling, as I believe it's supposed to blow off occasionally, just not constantly.
The Haldex website is useful but a little confusing as to which remedy I need. The parts would have to be shipped from the States and would be very expensive so I don't want to spend on something incorrect. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.

As far as ride level goes, I'm only talking of maybe two inches, not enough to upset handling..but I take your point. The coach does ride very well on the road, just wish my seat swivel wasn't so worn...if I turn left I swivel to the right slightly! I'll soon cure that though.

I'm doing quite a major re-vamp inside, Very low wattage LED lighting, white & chrome ceiling panelling, exchanging the AWFUL plastic seating for some upmarket Lexus leather, LED Panel tvs. etc., the list goes on.
Not very impressed with GS quality when you strip stuff down..rather slipshod to be honest, the one thing that can be said about US RV's over here as opposed to the Eurobox type is the solid quality/wood etc., but I'm afraid it ain't that hot! Unless it's just Gulfstream quality control...dreadful.

Anyhoo, I'll maybe contact Haldex direct for advice, I believe most American companies give excellent service, compared to most British can't be bothered firms. Unless someone spots this post who knows exactly what I need to do. The ride height isn't as important. Happy Travels!

Tom from England.