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06-28-2006, 07:52 AM
I am new to RV'ing and recently purchased an 06 Sun Voyager. I really love the coach. We have a 9 and 12 year old that also love the RV. I'm haveing an issue with my regrigerator doors. I have a 2 door stainless frige and it came from the factory with a stainelss latch that is soposed to keep the doors closed while driving. The latch is usless and I have a bungee holding the doors closed now. I sopke to Gulfstream and they said they would put on plastic straps to keep the doors shut. I told them NO and said that ehy can repair the latch that came from the factory or replace the frig with one that is designed for an RV.

Also you can't open the door enough to pull the shelves out ot adjust the height. I emailed photos of this to gulfstream today and will be awaiting a reply.

My coach is white with grey and red stripes. The body panels under the door and around the wheel wells are not the same white as the rest of the coach. Gulfstream has agreed to paint the panels but is this a normal thing with these coaches? During our trip to Daytona last weekend the latch for the power cord door snapped off and was rusted. I have a bungee holding that closed. (I have stock in bungee)

My TV is only showing green pictures, There is a rattle on the roof over the driver and other small things. Am I just being paranoid or is this an excessive amount of things to be defective on a new coach?


06-28-2006, 11:32 AM
Hey KatiesDad! -welcome-

The answer to your question HAS to be: "You are being paranoid!" You gave 2 choices & the 2nd was "excessive defects?" You only listed 4 or 5 items. Our original list was close to 40, with an additional dozen (at least) added after. Sounds like you got one of the better units. Does my sarcasm (toward GS) show? I cannot figure out what this "quality control" does at the factory - it certainly doesn't control quality. I can't figure why a dealer doesn't fix the problems BEFORE you take delivery. WHY must the new owner have to tell the dealer, "Look, this door is falling off"? No KatiesDad, you are NOT being paranoid.

On the fridge: if you get nowhere with GS regarding the defective latch, arm yourself with the fridge model & serial number, look up the manufacturer's online website. There will be an 800-number to call for service. Like my Domitec AC, they will likely authorize a direct repair at your dealership (assuming the dealership is authorized).

As they have done with other dumb (& serious) design flaws, GS will probably give you the "we designed the installation that way so that the shelves can't fall out" Trust me, they have come up with some dooozy reasons for flaws.

If the latch is the one I'm thinking of, the loop mounted to the frame is held by 2, self-tapping sheet metal screws. On my unit, I found that only about 1 thread is doing the holding. I intend to purchase some either 1/4-20 or 5/16 stainless bolts, drill out the hole in the frame, and bolt the latch loops to the frames. Why bother with a lock if one good tug is all it takes to open the door?

Ah, the TV problems.... Is the antenna amplifier turned on? (red light on box in entertainment center cabinet wall). Remember, the remote won't work if the flourescent closest to the tv is turned on. The rattle on the roof doesn't sound good. Does your roof antenna stand straight up when you crank it up? Are both TV's showing similar, discolored pictures on the same channels?

Final note: We allowed our dealer to hurry us thru our PDI - Worse mistake ANY new owner can make. EVERY single device should be tested, operated, stowed before you drive off, even if it takes you into the evening. It'll likely get fixed if you identify defects later, but there will ALWAYS be those battles that you must have mistreated the equipment. We were told WE pulled the chair bolt down out of the floor by sitting in it while underway. Well, there is 2 of us. I have to drive, so I wasn't riding in the recliner while under way. The wife has her own comfy passenger seat looking out on the world...WHY would she ever ride sideways in a chair looking at the other wall? That was the sort of comments we encountered by pointing out defects later.

You are NOT paranoid. You should never have had those problems, be them 5 or 50.

06-28-2006, 06:22 PM
Thanks for the reply RJ. I agree, judging from my RV, that quality control is lacking. I see no reason for a coach to leave the factory if there are items in question. 1 it will cost the manufacturer twice as much to fix it after it leaves. 2 you have to ship the parts instead of walking over and getting one. 3 you loose credibility with the customer and the dealer that has to fix it.

Well it's at the dealer now so we'll see how it is when I get it back. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

08-13-2006, 12:08 PM
I had the same problem on my sunvoyager.....It was the Antenna bouncing up and down on the roof ...I cranked it up about 2 inches and their was not more rattle

08-13-2006, 01:42 PM
Hey Katies Dad, We have all been there QC is non existent I think its just a name on a door!! If you don't keep after them when it under warrenty they will never fix anything!!!! Good Luck.


08-13-2006, 07:17 PM
Never knew this forum existed until today. We have a 2006 Sun Voyager and our issues have been minor, but constant. Broken hinges on drawers and cabinets, screws out from fabric window encasements, wooden screw hole covers out, and now a split cabinet door beneath the oven. On to the dealer!

08-14-2006, 05:00 PM
:D WELCOME, Coolchase11.

It is not only GSC that has QC problems.

What else could they do with the "Brother-in-law" (who has never been

in an RV). He has to work somewhere. Kidding aside you have to be

persistent (sqeeky wheel) and consistent (call daily if needed).

Good Luck, and don't let up.

Best Regards, Clyde