View Full Version : No AC voltage at vanity overhead cabinet!

Chuck v
08-26-2010, 11:15 PM
Here is a question that I will also post in the A/V thread section:

I am replacing the cheesy Jensen small screen non-HD television set in the bedroom vanity with a 26 inch flat screen HDTV. I should have tested for a 'live' outlet in the right hand overhead cabinet adjacent to the Jensen, but I did not...live and learn! I know that the little Jensen operated on DC, but the presence of the white AC outlet box lulled me into believing both types of power were pre-wired to the overhead cabinets.

Anyone know if my 'dead' outlet is a manufacturing error (like those never happen at GS...) or do all TourMaster coaches have this non-powered decoy outlet box. :(

I was able to use the existing TV mounting such that my 'upgrade' is reversible, but I really want the larger, more fully featured 26 inch receiver in the bedroom area. Thanks in advance for any insights...


Luckiest Dreamer
08-27-2010, 06:10 PM
My TV is 110V only and the outlet is hot. The main seperates the outlets driver side and curb side. Not sure how that helps you however having gone through every outlet in my coach today looking for that electrical ghost. I am in tune with you!

Chuck v
08-27-2010, 07:43 PM

Thanks for the reply. I went through the coach some time ago and mapped most of the outlets to the breakers. In my 2007 40C the bedroom outlets (except the one GRI outlet by the second sink...) are on a breaker in the middle panel. The curb side and driver side outlets in the front of the coach are in the small right-hand panel. I believe that the distinction is that the middle panel is only active on shore power and with the generator, whereas the small panel is live through the converter that is battery powered as well, and therefore 'hot' during travel.

I did find my issue though! It seems that the line up to that outlet was not connected correctly in the junction box that is under the lower right vanity drawer. This box is where the SJO rubber covered stranded cable (required for flex when the slide moves) is joined to the three Romex runs that go to various places in the vanity slide. The one run up to the cabinet adjacent to the TV had one of its wires not connected -- in fact the INSULATION HAD NEVER BEEN STRIPPED OFF THIS WIRE! :cry:

This could not have passed any testing or inspection at the factory if even the most basic QC was in place... I know this is a familiar line of complaint, but these Tour Master diesel pushers are pretty good coach values for the money and have features that are very desirable. Too bad the quality reputation stands in the way of success at Gulf Stream. The major barrier to delivering good quality is not cost, not even training to that great an extent -- it is more a lack of COMMITMENT.

OK, I'll get off my soap box now...at least I have repaired the wiring and finished up my bedroom TV installation and am pleased with the results. Since there is no way to get true HD content from a front DVD player back to this location with the existing coach wiring (only coax to the ATSC tuner which supports digital cable and over the air digital terrestrial broadcast...) I also added a small DVD player with HDMI output in the cabinet bay with the now working outlet.